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Commercial Cleaning

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They are usually made from tightly woven fibres that make it durable so that it can last longer. This helps them stand up to all the wear that they receive, but it also makes them more vulnerable to dust, dirt and pollutants.

Professional commercial carpet cleaning gets deep into fibres and removes the particles that are causing damage and making it look dull.

It’s important that the workplace environment is kept clean and sanitary for the health of your employees.

Prince Carpet Service is proud to use Australian made equipment and 100% non-toxic cleaning solutions. You can rest assured knowing that when we’re done therewon’t be any harmful by-products left behind, keeping your employees healthy and productive.

Our Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Spot Treatment: Spot treatment is able to lift spots and stains allowing for a deep clean. Our expert technicians will use a non-toxic cleaning agent, along with manual scrubbing to remove these unwanted blemishes.
  • Pre-Spray: Pre-spray softens the carpet. This allows for a deeper more effective cleaning.
  • Steam Clean: Steam cleaning is an eco-friendly process that uses steam to remove particles from the carpet. The steam is forced out of the machine and into the carpet using a high-pressure jet spray. The machine then vacuums the water and dirt out of the carpet.
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  • Extend the Life of your Carpet
  • Your Carpets will Look New Again
  • It will be done right the first time
  • Eliminate Foul Odours
  • Decrease Number of Employee Sick Days
  • Save Money
  • Increases Employee Productivity

You might not think about it, but carpeting plays an important role in the success of your business. Having dirty carpets is unappealing and can expose your employees and customers to germs and bacteria. Also, if your carpets are professionally cleaned, they will last longer and save you the time, hassle and money of having them replaced.

Got Questions?

Here is some popular question & answer
about our cleaning service
  • What all does the carpet cleaning service include?

    The professional carpet cleaning services at Prince carpet services include the following techniques and procedures: The team will first conduct a vacuum treatment. This means a high power suction equipment will remove all the dust and dust mites within the carpet. The next step is shampooing your carpet with chemical foam to get rid of the finest particles of grime. ...

  • What is the best carpet cleaning service?

    Prince Carpet Services has some of the best house cleaning services including professional carpet cleaning services.

  • How often should you steam clean your carpet?

    This totally depends on many factors that determine how dirty your carpet gets. Factors such as proximity to the road, whether you live in a metropolitan area, whether theres a lot of construction work happening in your city or vicinity, whether you have pets living with you, how often you are at home or how many people are living at ...

  • Is it worth getting carpets professionally cleaned?

    Cleaning your carpet at home will surely not affect your pocket but its highly unlikely we have the apt machinery and products at home to conduct a thorough deep carpet cleaning. Instead of investing in such heavy and expensive appliances or doing a shoddy job yourself, arranging a professional carpet cleaning service is highly recommended.

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